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dear you



Moose Blood - “I Hope You’re Missing Me”

“ My heart does not belong to me, nor to anyone else. It declared its
independence from me before it turned into a stone. ”

—    Mahmoud Darwish, excerpt from “From now on you are somebody else” in A River Dies of Thirst (via joolabee)

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“ Never beg them to come back. ”

—    It took me 10 months to realize this. (via 8-22-11)

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“ You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you. ”

—    Redvers Bailey  (via nectarinejam)

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“ you keep leaving me
in every dream I have and
outside of them, too. ”

“ my heart yearned for more,
more love, more life, more giving,
but you were empty ”

I am not your ex-girlfriend.
I am the tile in your bathroom.
I am the peeling wallpaper in your grandmother’s home.
I am the the curtains in your bedroom.
I am not your friend.
I am the lights in your kitchen.
I am the cough when you’ve had bronchitis for two whole weeks.
I am the creak in your door hinge every time you leave.
I am not a stranger you pass on the street.
I am the rotting tree in your mother’s back yard.
I am the letters in the trashcan that you didn’t even bother to read.
I am the smell you cannot get rid of in your fireplace,
the hole in your wall, the days you forgot to come to the door.

I don’t know what I am saying anymore..
How are we not still in love?

“ Your ribs are a prison and your heart escaped long ago and I know this is just another silly metaphor for emptiness but I loved you and you weren’t even there. ”

—    Amanda Helm  (via amandaspoetry)

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August 24 ; you told me you wanted to wake up to me for the rest of your life.

September 20; you found happiness in her bed.